Amélioration du Taux de Rendement Synthétique TRS (OEE) de la ligne MM02

Amélioration du Taux de Rendement Synthétique TRS (OEE) de la ligne MM02


Book 151 of Génie Industriel (Master)

Language: French

Publisher: FST Fès

Résumé: Each company seeks to improve its productivity and consequently its profitability. This project of end of study spent in MAROC MODIS aims at improving the rate of synthetic output TRS (OEE) of a sewing line. For this purpose, a diagnosis was carried out in order to analyze the state of the line MM02. The resolution of this problem is made by following the DMAIC approach (Define, Measure, Analyze, Innovate, Control) resulting from the LEAN SIX SIGMA approach, which represents the sequence of the work done. The "Define" phase aims to define the assembly process within the company and specify the stakeholders of this project. The "Measure" phase is devoted to measuring the current state of the process. The "Analyze" phase is devoted to analyzing the problems faced by the process and to identify the root causes. The "Innovate" or "Improve" phase represents all the solutions proposed to improve the OEE, my contribution was in the sense of organizing the line and managing the impact of the change over. The "Control" phase consists in evaluating the performance of the proposed actions. The implementation of the proposed actions serves to improve the OEE by reducing lead time and WIP, saving space, improving quality and productivity as well as the work environment.
Encadrant: Kabbaj H.
Jurry: Mr. KABBAJ HASSANE (encadrant FST) - Mme. LARAQUI MARIAM (encadrante Société) - Mr. ELHAMMOUMI MOHAMMED (examinateur) - Mr. ELOUAZZANI NABIH (examinateur)
Lieu de Stage: MAROC MODIS